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More than three decades of academic editorial, art, and cartographic experience mean  you get top-quality, on-time, and on-budget award-winning results.

BLUE SKY EDITORIAL, LLC, previously known as Golson Media, moved from the New York City area to the blue skies of Florida in 2016. Headed by J. Geoffrey Golson, a former publisher of trade and academic titles at Macmillan USA, the company creates and produces outstanding editorial and innovative graphic content for leading publishers, including HarperCollins, SAGE, Facts On File, Gale, and EBSCO Publishing, among others.


Proposing ideas and concepts to publishers while also fulfilling publishers' own plans, Blue Sky Editorial has produced some 75 books, series, multivolume encyclopedias, and other editorial products in both digital and print media formats.


We've recruited and worked with literally thousands of contributing academic authors and trade writers, and have brought noted editors to publishers' rosters from universities and institutions, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UW Madison, NYU, The New York Times, and many others. 


We produce editorial and cartographic content, from concept to final production files, providing acquisitions, developmental editing, copyediting, html-tagging, print layout -- all following the style guide you require (Chicago, MLA, ALA, APA, AMA, etc.). We've worked with millions of words and thousands of pages over the years and our team is eager to work with you. Contact us today!





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