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Custom Cartographic Services

Created and delivered as full-color, grayscale, print or digital formats,
both static and interactive with clickable editorial content.

Interactive Maps: Cartographics

An example of a clickable, interactive editorial map that includes literary, geographical, and historical content has been developed for Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises and is available here (please view on a monitor or tablet):

NOTE: This link above is now password-protected since it has grown to include 12 titles. We will be continuing to develop more map titles at the rate of one per week. As such we will eventually be charging for access to the site. In the interim, if you do have trouble with the link above, please e-mail directly at


Blue Sky Editorial can develop a myriad of other literary clickable maps that use geography as the foundation or springboard to further multimedia content.

Static Maps

These are not Google maps, but original cartography created to illustrate geosocial concepts, and specializing in cross-correlations across subjects and disciplines (e.g., showing the epidemiology of a disease correlated with crime statistics). Examples of recent maps available in color or grayscale for various grade levels include these below.

If you would like to discuss using Blue Sky cartography in your next project, contact Geoff Golson at or (914) 787-0274.

Please click on a map for a pop-up enlargement.

Academic: Climate Science (Undergrad)

Trade: Popular Science

Academic: History, Sociology (Gr. 9 and Up)

Trade: Popular History

Academic: Anthropology (Undergrad)

Trade: Popular Science

Academic: Comparative Literature (Gr. 9 and Up)

Trade: Novels and Literature

Academic: Ecology (Gr. 9 and Up)

Trade: Environmental Nonfiction

Academic: Comparative Literature (Gr. 9 and Up)

Trade: Novels and Literature

Academic: Meteorology (Gr. 6 and Up)

Trade: Weather

Academic: Biology (Gr. 9 and Up)

Trade: Popular Science

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